Gold Medal Team

Jing Li

Founder & Head Coach

Coach Li joined Beijing Synchronized Swim Team at the age of 10. During her twelve years of professional athletic career, she was honored as National Master Athlete and awarded with Merit of National May Day. She won gold medals of National Synchronized Swimming Championships for 7 consecutive years. She was also champion of Asian Synchronized Swimming Tournament and duet champion of International Synchronized Swimming Open. In 2008, she was invited to perform at Beijing Olympic Emblem Launch Ceremony. In 2012, she was invited to be synchronized swimming event commentator at the Olympic Game. 

After retired, she founded individual synchronized swimming team and held the position of head coach. Her team performed more than one hundred shows both in and out of the country. In 2014, she immigrated to the U.S as EB-1 and took up her residence in Houston, TX.  In the same year, she founded Blue Legend Swimming Academy. Under her coaching, many students have won the top three in Houston community swimming competitions. Many students won several  championships in Texas Synchronized Swimming Competitions and the top three in National Synchronized Swimming Competitions. Coach Li is currently an ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association) certified coach. She also holds both coaching certificate and referee certificate from USA Synchro. With eleven years of teaching experience, coach Li has developed a scientifically proven teaching and training system for child and adolescent swimming. Continuous learning and improving build the solid foundation of Blue Legend and win the love and trust of many parents. 

“More than a decade of professional swimming career taught me perseverance and never to give up. And from all those countless days and nights that I devoted myself to intensive training and competitions, I learned to be humble, positive and optimistic. I appreciate all that competitive sports have taught me. Through Blue Legend, my goal is not only to teach our children professional swimming techniques, but also help build their personalities and characters through competitive sports. I wish every child a happy and healthy childhood. We are looking forward to building our children a bright future with the support of our parents.”

Shuo Yang

Founder & Business Manager

Mr. Yang graduated from Durham University in England and George Washington University in the U.S. with dual Master degree in Sports Management. 
Before founding Blue Legend, he worked for Monumental Sports & Entertainment where he was responsible for promoting youth basketball for Washington Wizards and WNBA Washington Mystics. Previously he also worked for Beijing Baxy United FC where he was responsible for club operation, events planning and management.



Coach Savannah started swimming lessons at the age of 6.  She then later joined the City of Plano Swimmers (COPS) competitive swim team and was a member for 8 years. During her time with COPS, Savan-nah competed in various invita-tional and national age group swim meets. During high school, she also swam varsity for her high school swim team. With the aid of her outstanding swimming record, she was granted half scholarship and pursued her bachelor’s degree in college. Upon graduation, she became a professional swim coach and has been busy with her coaching career since then. 

Along her coaching years, coach Savannah has accumulated rich teaching experiences. 2018 marked her 17th year of swim coaching. She has also been coaching for COPS for 11 years. 

After moved to Houston, she worked as a counselor for University of Texas swim camp for 2 years. She worked as an aquatic coach for the renowned Houstonian Club for 3 years. Meanwhile, coach Savannah was also lead instructor, head coach and creator and coordinator for YMCA swim team of Greater Houston. She places emphasis on swimming techniques and is skilled at teaching students professional swimming skills. Her students thus gave her the nickname “Technic Queen”.  Over the years, hundreds of her students have moved on to be Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and Junior Olympic qualifiers. Her top students were admitted by University of Miami and Stanford University thanks to their excellent swimming record. 

“I think swimming is one of the most important skills a child should learn. As a professional swim coach, I take pride in teaching a productive lesson with a little bit of fun.”



Coach Alona is a professional swimmer with 15+ years of experience. She was a top player of National Ukrainian Swimming Team. At the young age of 12, she was honored as Ukrainian National Master Athlete (the highest honor for Ukrainian professional athletes). On behalf of National Ukrainian Swimming Team, she competed multiple times in the European and World Championships and Swimming World Cup in Finland, Serbia, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, UAE, Russia, Denmark and Germany. During her professional swimming career, coach Alona was the  champion of Ukrainian Swimming Championships (the highest level of swimming competition in Ukraine) on distances individual medley and freestyle for more than twenty times. Additionally, she won the gold medal in 200 individual medley on LEN Multination’s Junior Meet in Portugal. She was also the finalist of the Fourth FIFA Swimming World Cup in Russia. In 2015, she received athletic and academic scholarship from University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX and came to study in the US. While at UIW, she was the top swimmer in UIW swim team. She participated in many collegiate swim events with excellent results in freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and individual medley. She was named the CCSA Women’s Most Outstanding Freshman of the Meet. She was also named a CSCAA Scholar All- American. It’s worth mentioning that she is the current UIW record holder in 200 Freestyle, 200 Individual Medley, 400 Individual Medley and 200 Breaststroke. After graduation from UIW, she coached at Rice University Aquatics. 
“With fifteen years of experience as a professional swimmer, I feel more comfortable in water than on land. I love to teach kids to swim. I hope to teach them professional swimming techniques and share with them all I know about competitive sports.”



Coach Rowan started swimming lessons at the age of 4. From the age of 6, she swam competitively for more than ten years. As a key player of her high school swim team, she qualified for regional swim meets for four consecutive years. She also qualified for multiple invitational meets based upon time. Her swimming record helped her pursue her bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Baylor University. During college, she was also a swimmer at Baylor’s club team and attended multiple college competitive swim meets. Coach Rowan has also competed and placed in multiple triathlons. Additionally, she holds a Water Safety Instructor certificate from Red Cross. She has been a swim lesson instructor for the City of Killeen and the City of College Station for 6 years, accumulated rich experiences teaching young swimmers. Coach Rowan is skilled at communicating with children, always encouraging them to try out new skills. She sets high standards on swimming techniques. Many beginner level students find themselves making a lot of progress and swimming more confidently.



Coach Jennifer’s love of swimming began when she was only 4 years old. Thanks to her swimming talent and hard work, she became a member of the Villager Piranhas competitive swim team a few years later. In 2002, she broke league records in the 50 yd butterfly, 50 yd backstroke, 4 x 50 freestyle relay and 4 x 50 medley relay. Jennifer later went on to swim with the West Briar Grizzlies competitive team in middle school, and perfected her physical fitness and swimming technique even further with the Crimson Gold USA swimming team. In high school, she was selected to the Westside Wolves swim team. As a key player of the team, she made great contribution in leading the team to regionals. As a result, she earned herself letterman jacket as a freshman. As an adult, Jennifer's love for swimming has not faded. Not only has she become a professional swim coach, but she is also a triathlon athlete. Jennifer is a 2018 Half Ironman Texas 70.3 finisher, completing the 1.2-mile open water swim portion in only 39 minutes.

As a mother of two kids, Coach Jennifer loves to spend time with children. She is skilled at communicating with young children in an effective way so that the children can learn swimming skills in an orderly manner, and at the same time maintain their enthusiasm for swimming and have a lot of fun.
Kids love coach Jennifer, too, especially those who just started learning swimming and were afraid of water. Under Jennifer’s coaching and encouragement, they are making big progress day by day.

About Blue Legend

Blue Legend Swimming Academy was founded in 2014 by Ms. Jing Li and Mr. Shuo Yang. Ms. Li was a national champion in synchronized swimming. She is also honored as a National Master Athlete. Mr. Yang is an expert in sports management. Blue Legend is a training facility dedicated to teaching professional swimming and promoting water sports. Whether you are looking for classes for your little one who has never learned swimming before, or looking to join a competitive swim team, or even adult swimming classes, we have what you need here at Blue Legend. Through our training, a lot of children have learned standard strokes. A lot of swimmers have found themselves improve dramatically in swim team performances. We even helped a lot of parents and grandparents master swimming skills. We have been praised widely among parents and students.  Blue Legend has two campuses in the great Houston area: Sugarland campus and Katy campus. So far, we are the biggest Chinese swimming facility in the great Houston area in Texas. 

Blue Legend Advantage

1. Team of Professional Coaches

All our coaches came from a background of athletic career of more than ten years, during which they ranked top three in national and international swim competitions. After retired from professional athletics, they have been coaching swimming in various professional teams and clubs and gained a wealth of experience. 


2. Professionally Designed Curriculum

In the U.S., swimming is a must-learn skill for almost all kids. At Blue Legend, our coaches are expert in cultivating students’ interest in swimming and motivating them. We keep them engaged with games and fun exercises. Swim time is fun time. We make sure they not only learn all strokes in the proper way, but also have tons of fun. 


3. Science-Based Teaching System

We develop our curriculum by combining and optimizing the teaching methods from both U.S. and China. Our trainings run twice a week, each time one hour of length. We focus on building a solid foundation, teaching different strokes through technical analysis. While students understand better, they practice better. We make sure our students learn properly starting day one so that they will not have to waste time correcting previous mistakes. Blue Legend will do our best to work side by side with our parents to tap each child’s potential, encourage and inspire them. We want each child to have fun while learning to swim, build confidence while having fun, and achieve more with their confidence. 


4. Fun Learning Environment

In the U.S., swimming is a must-learn skill for almost all kids. At Blue Legend, our coaches are expert in cultivating students’ interest in swimming and motivating them. We keep them engaged with games and fun exercises. Swim time is fun time. We make sure they not only learn all strokes in the proper way, but also have tons of fun. 


5. Safe and Comfortable Facility

All our lessons are conducted in a safe and comfortable indoor pool facility. The pool has circulation pumps running 24/7, and keeps comfortable water temperature. We maintain small-class structures so that our students can not only receive the maximum attention from their coaches, but also have comfortable space in the lanes while training for long distance. Since the pool is in a gym, parents can also work out in the gym while waiting, making the whole family healthy!

Blue Legend Influence

Since established, Blue Legend has been offering swimming lessons to more than 500 children and adults in the great Houston area. Many of our students ranked top three in Houston area swimming competitions. Some of our students won multiple synchronized swimming championship in Texas and ranked top three in national synchronized swimming competitions. We appear in various media reports and are widely acknowledged and praised. As we grow bigger, we strive to go farther and achieve more. 

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